Best three ESG-aligned Asset Managers and top 10 Funds

Fundrella is pleased to announce the latest ESG Alignment results for Q3 2021. Handelsbanken, SPP, Atlant and SEB are still leading the pack amongst the Nordic actors while the top 3 list for cross-border companies has changed somewhat. Columbia Threadneedle remains no1 and Erste Asset management ranks 3rd. A new name on the top list is NN Investment Partners (in the process of being acquired by Goldman Sachs).

Fundrella does not do any assessment of our own, we merely let asset managers tell us what they do and let investors say what they want and provide the results of the match.

Jaap Kraan and Jochem Wiersma, representing the Nordic region at NN Investment Partners comment the newest Q3 outcome of Fundrella's ESG Alignment.

Jaap Kraan, NN Investment Partners:

“As a new-joiner on Fundrella, we are very pleased to see that we are ranked no2 in Fundrella’s ESG Alignment Q3 outcome. It is important for us at NN Investment Partners not just to act as a responsible investor, but to also support our clients in achieving their responsible and financial goals. This achievement is a welcome confirmation that our products are well aligned with the needs of the investors in the Nordics. It also makes us proud to be able to cater to Nordic investors, as they act as leaders when it comes to sustainability." 

Jochem Wiersma, NN Investment Partners:

“We are excited that we have joined the Fundrella platform as it provides interesting and useful insights for both asset owners and asset managers. The quarterly analytics report supports us in staying updated on the Nordic ESG landscape to keep adhering to our clients’ needs.” 

This quarter, Fundrella is also happy to announce top 10 funds that are best aligned with Nordic Investors' ESG preferences on Fundrella. These results are not to be interpreted as investment advice. 

Danske Invest SICAV European Corporate Sustainable Bond ranks no1 and means that the fund is best aligned with the aggregated ESG preferences of Nordic Investors using Fundrella. Handelsbanken funds are widely represented on the top 10 list, with 7 funds across different exposures, both active and passive funds, ranging from a Sustainable Energy -thematic fund to Swedish, Nordic, Latin American and American equity funds. These are joined by SEB Green Bond and Carnegie Listed Private Equity.

Among cross-border companies, funds that top the ESG alignment list are: Wellington Global Impact, Erste Stock Environment & Responsible Bond Global Impact and Jupiter Ecology Diversified. Brown Advisory has two funds on place 8 and 9, namely Brown Advisory Global Leaders Sustainable Fund and US Sustainable Growth Fund, respectively. NN Investment Partners, who came second place on fund company-level are also well represented on the fund-level top 10 list with four different products: NN (L) Climate & Environment, Health & Well-being, Smart Connectivity and Corporate Green Bond. 

Fundrella´s ESG Alignment Matrix

Asset Managers on Fundrella receive a granular matrix as part of their Quarterly Analytics Report, showing a break-down of the their level of alignment with Nordic professional investors' ESG preferences. The top 3 Cross Border and nordic asset managers' ranks are based on the average alignment for their funds on the platform and across all Fundrella users, i.e. professional investors.


Fundrella believes in transparency and does not provide any assessment of our own, to minimise the risk of wrong categorisation caused by varying methodologies. Fund companies have categorised their own funds in order to achieve the most correct categorisation. We let investors select their individual ESG preferences. The ESG Matrix calculates the %-match between investors' preferences and fund companies' ESG features, based on Fundrella’s 40+ ESG parameters, across internal processes as well as exclusions and thresholds. Fundrella’s ESG Alignment Matrix allows asset managers to see how aligned their funds are with the ESG preferences of Fundrella users i.e., professional investors across the Nordics, representing >450 BEUR in combined AUM. 

Get a 360 of the Nordic ESG landscape - quarterly

Stay updated on the Nordic ESG landscape with Fundrella's Quarterly Analytics Report offered to Asset Managers to find out:

  • How aligned are your funds with Nordic professional investors' ESG preferences and requirements?
  • How are your funds positioned amongst peers in terms of ESG work?
  • How are shortlisted, guided and unit link funds offered by Nordic distributors looking in terms of ESG on aggregate level, so you know what you are competing against?

Fundrella is happy to provide fund managers who are new to the platform with a preview of the Fundrella Analytics including the Fundrella ESG Alignment Matrix and competitor benchmarking to get a 360 degree understanding of the Nordic ESG landscape. Here you can book a demo or request a trial account. Looking forward to connect!


None of the information in this press release shall be interpreted as investment advice. Asset Managers on Fundrella are responsible for their own data and fund categorisation. Fundrella has received pre-approval to publish names of asset managers listed in this article. This data is exclusive intellectual property of Fundrella. If used, Fundrella shall be referred to as owner. Fundrella October 2021.