New feature: Request Missing Asset Manager or Fund

Fundrella has just launched a new and awaited functionality; users can now request a missing Asset Manager or fund directly through their interface, to help build fund coverage.

The new feature is available for Professional Investors in order to request the Asset Managers and funds that are missing from the platform.

This will help users build their fund coverage and ensure that all of their recommended or unit linked funds are on the platform for smoother reporting, monitoring and ESG screening. The functionality substitutes manual emails being sent to Asset Managers and provides a quick and efficient solution to building fund coverage.

A client request is the no1 driver for Asset Managers to build a business case to join the platform, hence, Fundrella will collect all requests for specific Asset Manager or funds to be used in 1-1 dialogues with Asset Managers, to help us show client demand. Thanking you in advance for your engagement!

All Asset Managers who have received a client request to join will be offered a 10% membership discount during the first year.

How to use the new feature? Check out the tutorial below.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any feedback regarding the new feature or would like to share any other ideas or thoughts.


/Team Fundrella

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