Introducing ESG Alignment functionality

When you release a service, your first hope is that people will use it. When people start using it, your next hope is that people will love it.
— Wava Bodin, Founder & CEO

It's been 16 months since Fundrella was launched as a reporting platform. Since then, we have exchanged some amazing ideas with our asset managers and investors, received valuable feedback and listened to our customers.

All the listening, combined with Sweden's Innovation Agency's trust in us, has enabled us to take Fundrella to the next level. We are absolutely thrilled to introduce our newest feature on the platform: ESG Alignment.

Our aim: To improve transparency and comparability. Fundrella will let fund managers stay updated on Investor's ESG requirements and benchmark themselves against peers. An improved look-through of ESG aspects will pave the way for even deeper and informed discussions between fund managers and professional investors.

Roll-out in 3 steps

  1. We let fund companies show case exactly what they do within ESG, both in terms of processes as well as exclusions. We believe many fund management companies are doing a lot within ESG but find it hard to communicate this effectively to their clients.
  2. We let professional investors outline their ESG preferences to see how well each fund on the platform is aligned with their specific preferences.
  3. We will feed back each fund company’s ESG alignment in our Quarterly Analytics Report, showing exactly to what extent each fund is fulfilling Nordic Investor’s preferences. We hope you will love it!

Parameters & definitions

Our ESG parameters have been extended in order to include the widest range of ESG features and exclusions. Our definitions are based on the upcoming new ESG Disclosure Standards for Investment Products developed by CFA Institute, and will also incorporate the new EU directives and regulation on asset managers to provide sufficient disclosure, including alignment with the forthcoming EU Taxonomy.

Competitor Benchmarking

Fund Companies will receive full competitor benchmarking across all Fundrella’s ESG parameters. In practice, each fund company will see how they are doing as a company, against their peers, in terms of every ESG parameter (>40 parameters).

Example parameter: Funds that exclude Tobacco (zero tolerance):
15% of your funds 
5% of competitors 
50% of the funds that are subscribed by Nordic investors

Questions & Support

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions at We are happy to support you with anything you might need to help you get the most out of our newest feature. We hope you love it!


Wava Bodin
Founder & CEO
+46(0)76 14 69 150