Top 10 funds results Q1 2023

Introducing our exciting, brand new Top 10 lists for Q1 2023 according to the ESG Alignment Matrix. These funds are most aligned with Nordic investors' preferences across 50+ different ESG parameters covering ESG processes, resources, and exclusions.

Fundrella has recently expanded our data points to also include EET (European ESG template) files. Hence, this quarter we are are presenting the top lists for SDG thematic funds and Green Bond funds to emphasize the funds that play an essential role in catalyzing positive transformation and advancing a more sustainable future.

SDG thematic funds, also known as Sustainable Development Goals thematic funds, are investment funds that specifically focus on supporting and promoting the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These funds are designed to align with one or more of the 17 SDGs, which are a comprehensive set of global objectives aimed at addressing social, economic, and environmental challenges by 2030.

SDG thematic funds play a crucial role in driving sustainable development by channeling investments into areas that contribute to the achievement of the SDGs. They invest in companies, projects, and initiatives that actively work towards solutions for the challenges outlined in the SDGs. For example, these funds may invest in renewable energy, clean technology, healthcare, education, gender equality, or poverty alleviation initiatives. Hence, Fundrella is proud to present the first SDG thematic funds Top 10 list.

Green Bond funds are investment funds that focus on investing in green bonds, which are fixed-income securities specifically issued to finance environmentally friendly projects or initiatives. These funds allocate capital towards projects that have a positive environmental impact, such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable agriculture, clean transportation, and climate change adaptation.

In general, Green Bond funds provide investors with an avenue to contribute to environmental sustainability while potentially generating financial returns. They support projects that address pressing environmental challenges and allow investors to align their portfolios with their values and sustainability goals. As the importance of sustainable investing continues to rise, Green Bond funds play a crucial role in driving positive change and promoting a more sustainable future.

We are pleased to congratulate the following Asset Managers:

🌱 Algebris Investments
🌱 Carmignac
🌱 Cicero Fonder
🌱 Columbia Threadneedle
🌱 Enter Fonder
🌱 Erik Penser 
🌱 Goldman Sachs 
🌱 Jupiter Asset Management
🌱 Natixis
🌱 Robeco
🌱 Wellington Management

These results are not to be interpreted as investment advice. 

Top 10 Global Equity SDG Theme Article 9 (Active) Q1 2023 - ESG Alignment Matrix
Top 10 Green Bonds Q1 2023 - ESG Alignment Matrix


Fundrella does not provide any third-party assessment. Fund companies have categorized their own funds in order to achieve the most correct categorization. We let investors select their individual ESG preferences. The ESG Matrix calculates the % match between investors' preferences and fund companies' ESG features, based on Fundrella’s 50+ ESG parameters, across internal processes as well as exclusions and thresholds. Fundrella’s ESG Alignment Matrix allows asset managers to see how aligned their funds are with the ESG preferences of Fundrella users i.e., professional investors across the Nordics.

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Fundrella has received pre-approval to publish names of asset managers listed in this article. This data is exclusive intellectual property of Fundrella. If used, Fundrella shall be referred to as owner. Fundrella AB, May 2023.