Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected the most commonly asked questions to give a quick summary for you. Contact us at if you have any further questions.

When and how was Fundrella founded?

Fundrella was founded in 2019 with the aim to bring more efficiency into monthly reporting processes between fund companies and professional investors.

Four pilot organisations (Länsförsäkringar, Folksam Fondförsäkring, Futur and Movestic) asked their unit link managers to join the platform in order to get all their standard monthly fund reporting (comments, factsheet and KIIDs) through the platform instead of receiving the reports via email.

Since then, the platform has evolved into a fund selection platform with a strong ESG focus and is now used by a broad range of Fund Selection teams across the Nordics.

How is Fundrella used by professional investors?

Fundrella is used for two main purposes: Fund reporting and Fund Selection.

Fund Reporting

Investors can subscribe to fund reports and receive all their reports in one aggregated email every month, to enable more efficient fund monitoring. Investors can also access historical reports through the Fundrella archive.

Fund Selection

Fundrella can be used as a search engine for new funds. The granular search engine lets investors filter funds based on specific qualitative criteria. The platform is fully tailored for each investor, taking into consideration their specific ESG preferences. Once an investor finds a new interesting fund, they can click on it to see a snapshot of all qualitative characteristics of the fund. They can also request more information such as Standard RFIs or Product Presentations by sending an email to the sales team through the platform.

How is Fundrella used by fund companies?

Fundrella is used for three main purposes: Client reporting, Sales & Marketing and Analytics

Client reporting

Fundrella allows fund companies to handle all standard client reporting through one platform, instead of sending manual emails, updating distribution lists in CRM systems or via company-specific report portals. All reports are linked via URLs, meaning all reports are visible in real time once they are updated on the fund companies’ end and no manual reporting is needed.

Sales & Marketing

Fundrella allows fund companies to show case and differentiate their funds effectively in order to come up in relevant searches made by investors. No third-party categorization takes place in order to achieve correct categorization of funds. The aim is to market funds, highlight ESG and generate leads.


Every quarter, fund companies receive an Fundrella Analytics Reports, feeding back ESG client-alignment scores on fund-level, investor interest and trends, competitor benchmarking as well as information regarding subscriptions and traction.

What is Fundrella's user base?

Fundrella is used by Fund Selection teams across the Nordics. The Professional Investors are mainly Unit Link companies, Nordic banks, IFAs and pension companies. To date they represent approx. 450 Billion EUR in combined AUM.

How does Fundrella differ from other fund platforms?

Fundrella is built in collaboration with institutional investors and their guided offering. This means that the platform consists of funds that have been hand-picked and analysed by leading Nordic fund selectors as well as focus funds that have been selected by fund companies. Fundrella enables efficient analysis of the Nordic guided offering and gives fund companies an opportunity to analyse the universe, benchmark their funds, follow client demand and ultimately, to take more informative business decisions.

Fundrella provides unique fund-level ESG alignment scores showing exactly to what extent the funds are with each investor’s ESG preferences.

Fundrella aims to increase the interaction between fund companies and professional investors by facilitating e.g. real-time client requests through the platform. Transparency is our guiding star. Fund companies can share information about their funds and their ESG work while we feed back information about investor interest and ESG demands as well as interesting market intelligence such as competitor benchmarking.

How do I get started?

  1. Deliver list of funds to Fundrella (ISIN codes and marketing permits by country)
  2. Fund company fills out fund categorisation template
  3. Fundrella will onboard funds and create automated report feeds
  4. Log in and publish funds (one click)

Fundrella offers full support during the onboarding and fund categorisation phase as well as continuous customer support. After funds are categorised and published on the platform, Fundrella does not require any manual work for fund companies. Our aim is to free up time and resources for you. We are here to help: