Rollout: Fundrella ESG Policy Survey – Nordics & Benelux

Fundrella is rolling out an ESG Policy Survey aimed at Professional Investors in the Nordic and Benelux regions with the ambition to bring more transparency to the asset management industry.

The aim of the survey is to map and aggregate ESG requirements and preferences of investors in the institutional and wholesale/distribution space to help asset managers understand how aligned their funds are with market demands. This will lead to a greater impact on asset managers instead of working in silos. The outcome of this survey will give asset managers a deeper understanding of the ESG landscape to help them improve their level of ESG work to better adhere to those demands.

About the survey

The survey will give investors the possibility to add both their hard ESG requirements and soft ESG requirements (preferences) and may be filled out anonymously. 

Professional Investors may select their requirements from 40+ ESG parameters, ranging from internal processes, resources and reporting capabilities to labels and signatories as well as exclusions of controversial industries across multiple revenue thresholds. Some parameters are proprietary while others are anchored in market frameworks to improve comparability, such as the ESG Disclosure Standards for Investment Products as defined by the CFA Institute and the EU SFDR Articles.

Click here to participate in the survey.

Fundrella launching in new regions

Fundrella is a platform used by Nordic professional Investors for fund selection, ESG analysis and reporting. Investors can apply their ESG policy or preferences to tailor the platform completely to their needs. Fundrella is used by a wide range of asset owners and fund selection-teams across the Nordics. 

Fundrella's ESG Survey will be sent to the largest professional investors in the Nordics and Benelux. Professional Investors in other European regions are also welcome to participate. The ESG Survey is part of the first step of our Benelux launch. After the survey has been closed, Fundrella will create a report of the outcome. All investors who have participated in the survey will also be invited to join the Fundrella community and create a free of charge user account. When a user base has been established in the region, asset managers will be able to make funds visible in the Benelux countries as well - based on their marketing permits - and professional investors based in Benelux will be able to start using Fundrella for ESG analysis, Fund Selection and Reporting.

Find out more

Feel free to reach out to Wava Bodin if you have any questions or wish to learn more about Fundrella.

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Founder & CEO
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