New feature: ESG Peer Group Analysis

Fundrella has launched a new ESG Peer Group Analysis Report to fill a gap in the industry.

"We see a strong need from asset managers to understand their positioning and compare funds in terms of ESG on a more structural level than purely realised exposure to certain companies, industries or Co2 footprint based on holdings data." Wava Bodin, Founder & CEO

Fundrella's new Analytics component allows asset managers to see how a specific fund is positioned against peers in that specific peer group or product category and how well the fund aligns with client preferences in the Nordics. The peer groups can be tailored and narrowed down to very specific product types. Wava Bodin explains:

"The ESG Peer Group Report can be used to understand fund-specific positioning, competition, and client demand as part of a product push or campaign as it offers sales teams concrete differentiators to have in mind in client meetings. Further, based on market feedback, this level of ESG granularity and tailoring is useful for asset managers for instance before launching a new fund, to understand how to stand out from the crowd and to make sure the product really meets, or even exceeds, clients’ ESG preferences."

Report content

Fundrella’s ESG Peer Group Analysis is an in-depth stand-alone report with data points ranging from ESG processes, investment approaches, resources, reporting capabilities and labels to exclusions across all controversial industries and thresholds. Further, the report offers a deep dive into SFDR articles showing how funds in the defined peer group have been categorised but also, looking deeper, how funds vary in terms of ESG within that SFDR article bucket. Additionally, Fundrella’s ESG Peer Group Analysis Report offers a fund-specific ESG Alignment Matrix showing how well one particular fund is aligned with clients’ ESG hard and soft requirements, compared to other funds in the defined peer group.

Business Inquiries

Feel free to reach out to us if you would like to hear more about the ESG Peer Group Analysis Report or Fundrella.

Wava Bodin
Founder & CEO
+46(0)76 14 69 150