Top 10 funds results Q4 2022

Fundrella presents the latest Top 10 funds for Q4 2022 according to the ESG Alignment Matrix. These funds are most aligned with Nordic investors' preferences across 50+ different ESG parameters covering ESG processes, resources, and exclusions.

Q4 rankings cover the following Peer groups:

Global Equity (Active)
Global Equity Article 9
European Equity (Active)

We are pleased to congratulate:

🌱 C WorldWide
🌱 Carmignac
🌱 Carnegie Fonder
🌱 CB Fonder
🌱 Cicero fonder
🌱 Columbia Threadneedle
🌱 Danske Bank Asset Management
🌱 Erik Penser
🌱 Fundsmith
🌱 J O Hambro
🌱 Lannebo Fonder
🌱 Macquarie
🌱 NN Investment Partners
🌱 Robeco
🌱 Wellington Management

Quarterly comment

We are pleased to present brand new top lists this quarter! 

Danske Invest has most fund positions and funds represented in all Top 10 lists during this quarter.

Global Equity (Active) list opens with Fundsmith Sustainable Equity Fund, followed by SEB Globalfond and Cicero Global. C WorldWide is wrapping up the list with two funds.

NN Investment Partners lands tree positions at Global Equity Article 9 list with their thematic funds NN (L) Climate & Environment, NN (L) Health & Well Being and NN (L) Smart Connectivity, followed by Carmignac with two positions. Leader of the list is Wellington Global Impact fund, followed by our latest newcomer Erik Penser with Penser Sustainable Impact fund.

Carmignac opens the European Equity (Active) ranking, followed by Danske Invest in second place (which has three funds in the ranking in total) and DWS in the third. DWS and Columbia Threadneedle have two funds each in this ranking.

These results are not to be interpreted as investment advice. 

Top 10 Global Equity (Active) Q4 2022 - ESG Alignment Matrix
Top 10 Global Equity & Article 9 Q4 2022 - ESG Alignment Matrix
Top 10 European Equity (Active) Q4 2022 - ESG Alignment Matrix


Fundrella does not provide any third-party assessment. Fund companies have categorized their own funds in order to achieve the most correct categorization. We let investors select their individual ESG preferences. The ESG Matrix calculates the % match between investors' preferences and fund companies' ESG features, based on Fundrella’s 50+ ESG parameters, across internal processes as well as exclusions and thresholds. Fundrella’s ESG Alignment Matrix allows asset managers to see how aligned their funds are with the ESG preferences of Fundrella users i.e., professional investors across the Nordics.

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